All films need great characters and great actors with star quality to play them. The films' director, Russell C. Brennan, searched far and wide for just the right person for each role. He likes the Sergio Leone way of thinking, that each character no matter how small should make an impact.
Although there will be some name actors of note who are known worldwide in this film, it's good to unearth talent that is about to break big.
Many of the actors below have starred in independent films but as yet are not household names. Also, being a music business revenge thriller, one criteria was to get actors who could actually play their instruments and sing. We not only achieved that but went beyond it, attracting people who have been in bands that have played to millions of people and been on number one hit records.

Steven Priovolos is our Director of Photography. Below is a short showreel of some of his work.


Above a few examples of Director Russell C. Brennanís photos as he feels these give a better idea of his artistic flair. At the bottom of this page is a compilation of Russell's old pop videos. Although not so relevant to his new style, it shows some creativity and knowledge of how to put together an interesting pop video. A combination of all the individual videos has already received over 100,000 hits on 'You Tube'.



Iza Johanna T, above, stars as singer/songwriter Nikki North. She studied at the prestigious Lee Strasburg School of acting in New York and has starred in films & TV in her native Sweden as well as in France. She also recently y won 'Best Actress' award for the film 'Act 1 Scene 1' at the Milwaukee film festival.Iza is also the singer in Pop Noir style band 'Psykick Holiday'. We think it's time the rest of the world discovered her. One look at her picture says it all; 'star quality'

Gavin Molloy plays the part of womanizing guitarist Rocko. Gavin was in multi million selling number one hit band 'Goldfrapp', who are known worlwide. He has also done many acting roles on stage and screen including Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'.

Hugo Degenhardt plays the part of drummer Dick Stick. Hugo is the drummer in the very popular no.1 tribute band 'The Bootleg Beatles', who have played to millions of people all over the world. His acting quality shines on the Grolsch advert above. (He is on the right).

Emile Jansen plays seedy photographer Dutch Tony. Emile is the recent winner of best supporting actor at the Canary Wharf film festival for his role in 'Shop Spank'. He was also one of the stars of Dutch Oscar Entry for 2010 'Winter in Wartime'. He is a known star in his native Holland for the TV series 'Good Times, Bad Times'. He has worked with film legends Paul Verhoeven & Rutger Hauer and been in a number of international films like 'Contained', 'Rapture' & the forthcoming 'Jack Said'.

Simon Phillips plays A&R man Giles. He was the star and lead character of indie hit film 'Jack Says' and stars once more in the recently released sequel 'Jack Said' along with Danny Dyer.

Vanessa White Smith plays the part of ex pop singer Bev. As well as being a great actress on stage in the play 'King Cotton' written by legendary writer Jimmy McGovern', she has starred in a Motown stage musical playing the part of 'Martha Reeves'. Vanessa has also earned a living as a singer so can bring realism to her role.

Matthew Jure is bass player/dopehead Bezz. He is starred in the feature film 'Starlight and Superfish'for which he won best actors award at the Mitchgan film festival. He is also in the highly rated band 'No More Navigators' so lends credibilty to the part. Matt is also a highly rated actor and has starred in 'Macbeth' and 'Star Trek: The Musical'.

Sirle is a great up and coming actress and another who is now playing a starring role in a new feature film, 'Blood Army'. She recently starred as a Russian assassin in the film 'Silenced'. Sirle also appeared in numerous films including the notorious 'Lesbian Vampire Killers'.Above a recent ad she did for Godaddy..

Below are a few pop videos Russell has directed in the past. Most proved popular. The 1st won 2nd best Independant video of the year upon release and was one of the few promo videos that made a profit when a limited edition of it was released. The 2nd one was originally going to be shot as the 1st 3D pop video but the camera broke and it just came out on film. Others received mainstream airtime and one was number one in the Russian pop video charts and another number one in Italy. These may be put up shortly but Russell is at pains to say he has moved on from this style and is looking to create something different for his feature film.