Although Russell C. Brennan (aka R. C. Writer & Russell Writer) features on many websites this one will be the definite in-depth website about him as an established Multi-Platform Artist.
He is somewhat unique in many ways but there can't be too many multi platform artists whose output is worth more now that when it was originally released. Including records,books & artwork/photos. To learn more about different parts of Russell's career click on links below (also if a name is highlighted in purple and underlined that means there is a direct link to what is mentioned). You will find many things to see and hear as well as the occasional free gift or two.

Russell had his debut solo photo/art exhibition in Mayfair London last month. To tie in with it a limited edition book 'Voyeurs Welcome Vol.2' was released featuring many of the photos at the exhibition and more besides. Vol.1 of this book sold out in 2 weeks and now changes hands on Amazon and on the collectirs market for up to £270 each. The new Volume won't cost you that only £20 but it's also likely this to will sell out quickly and start fetching similiar prices. At present Russell has returned to music producing a new cult themes album and writing new songs for a new Psykick Holiday album.

Voyeurs Welcome Vol.2 LTD Edition Book

Russell's brand new novel 'Over and Over'is just out. It's based on the film script he wrote and will be directing early next year. For October only you can get it signed and get a FREE mp3 of the title track of the book at link below book cover (where you will also learn more about this Music Biz revenge noir novel) It's also out at Amazon on Kindle & Paperback.


On the art front, Russell did some stunning photos to tie in with the 100th anniversary of the Suffragette movement and these can be found on his art page at link at bottom of page or at his Saatchi Art page. His limited edition canvases are starting to sell and becoming collectible but you can still get them at reasonable price (just drop us a line) but after his American exhibition later in the year prices are expected to skyrocket (So now is a good time to invest in a LTD edition piece)
On the music front, releases are coming thick and fast as part of Future Legend Records 25th anniversary with many releases produced by Russell including, 'The Anderson are Go' (featuring Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Stingray etc) plus re issue of the popular Eleanor Rigby single 'Last Night in Soho'
However, it's his current band 'Psykick Holiday' who are making real waves. After their indie U.S top 20 hit with the innovative single 'One Way Ticket To The Moon'.The same track (featuring Russell's unique vocals) has had 200,000 streams on Spotify and thousands of views of the video on YouTube and recently his best song (sung by Iza Jo) 'Numbers' is the new single people are getting excited about. Its also worth mentioning that last years EP 'Summer of Love' featuring the covers of 'San Francisco/Let's go to San Francisco' in various languages is picking up more momentum (With great vocals from Vanessa White Smith, Alior & Julia Cristina) Always looking to keep everybody on their toes, the next single from the band will be a Jazz single in French
That's the news for now. More in-depth information on the various page links at the bottom of the page.

More details about Russell books and special prices on his books at at bottom of the page. But here is a brief taster Mixing with the Unknown (A horror meets pulp fiction type affair featuring horror staples with new twists): Kidnapping Time (An erotic Sci-Fi conspiracy Thriller featuring Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Cleopatra, Elizabeth the first and many other icons):Adventures of a Dark Duke: The Pin (The secret life of a pop star and contempory adventurer who stick a pin in a map and follows the pin to have the adventure of a lifetime): Memories are Made Of This (the ultimate retro Pop Quiz) 50's to 90's (This hit the Amazon top 100 and has some very unique music trivia to impress your friends with but lots a great quiz questons, 2000 in all) 'Its' exclusive to Amazon :
Voyuers Welcome (The photos and song lyrics of Russell C. Brennan) This limited editon book is all but sold out but we may be alble to track one down so Email us if you are keen to acquire a copy : Music Business Bastards (How to do well in the music business without getting ripped off) This is Russell's most succesfull book having been released 3 times. It's helped a lot of people in the music industry and gives many valauble tips about beating the opposition.

In brief, Russell started writing at an early age and sold his first film script and TV options at 17, whilst also establishing a career as D.J at night, eventually becoming one of the top D.j's in Europe. He then married a pop star 'Eleanor Rigby' and switched to producing records and writing songs which proved successful with 300 releases worldwide as producer and 50 as a songwriter. Along the way he wrote a successful fanzine 'Dedicated Follower' (That is now housed in the prestigious Victoria and Albert museum), as well as writing the book 'Music Business Bastards (How to do well in the music Industry without getting ripped off), which did really well and has been updated and released twice more. He also stumbled into photography and ended up taking some iconic images, with some being featured on album covers and posters etc, in 2016 he was signed up by Saatchi Art and also had a limited edition book release of his photos and lyrics called 'Voyeurs Welcome'

In the 90's Russell ran a successful indie record label, 'Future Legend Records', helping to set new trends and create new music genres along the way. In recent years, apart from photography and still having a hand in music he returned to writing books and scripts and has a few films in the pipeline that he will direct as well. (He has in fact directed some popular pop videos before) We suppose we should also mention he has been in 2 or 3 bands as a musician, playing mainly Punk Cello and occasionally doing lead vocals.

His current band is Psykick Holiday who have a CD album out 'Forever Pop Noir' They recently had a top 20 indie hit in the U.S. with 'One Way Ticket to the Moon' Also released was a double 'A' single 'San Francisco/Let's Go to San Francisco' to celebrate the 50th annivesary of Peace & Love. It's available at Itunes and all good download sites. The video for both tracks are at youtube.

For up to date information and to put on the mailing list drop a line to December Book Publishing email address below. Emails to Russell will also be passed on via the publishers email address and he will endeavour to reply to as many as possible. Any troll emails wil be immediately trashed and not passed on.

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