Over and Over is our debut feature. Itís a music business revenge thriller.

Music business films in the past have used the 'Cinderella' approach, a glossy production about someone who gets discovered and makes it big.

It is also usually a film directorís idea of the music business, ie: not very accurate.

Our director, Russell C. Brennan, has lived and breathed the music industry for 20 years, making a major impact along the way.

So this feature will be done film noir style with a gritty edge and a story about the darker side of the music industry. The lead character of the film, 'Nikki North', will be played by Johanna T (pictured here), who is already an established actress in Scandinavia & France and recently won a best actress award at an international film festival. She is in hot new band 'Psykick Holiday'. She is a major talent who is destined for big things once this film comes out.

The film will comes with a great soundtrack full of catchy songs already written to cross-sell it .

You can view the characters and actors playing those roles by clicking on talent link at bottom of the page.


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