The Artist and the Alien is an art company by multi platform artist Russell C. Brennan and French painter Maiko his Muse. Although many art canvaes on this page also feature thier collabrative work some of Russell's iconc photography and other popular photo-art done without Maiko also feature
The reaction to this work has been extremely postive and resulted in Russell debut solo exhibition at Space@50 in Mayfair Londons in April 2019.
The exhibition features 26 cavases and you can get them here as well for a limited time (Unless of course all copies are sold out) However, you also get some not featured at the exhibition that were considered too erotic for the gallery.


To celebrate Russell's recent solo exhibition we are doing something different.
What adds value to a work is often it being signed and limited edition. All works on this page are limited edition but in order to make all work available at an affordable price you can buy any limited edition canvas on this page for the month of May 2019 (Unsigned version) for just £1,000 (For those marked over £1,000) and £350 for any marked £1,000 and under.
But for those into investments,aAll signed art work is also currently half the price it was at the exhibition for May only. (in June prices will return to normal and the non signed ones will be discontinued making them even rarer)
Please send email (to addresss at bottom of page) to place you order for non signed canvases and we will tell you how to pay and confirms price. For signed canvases just use paypal button. Or contact us to pay by direct bank transfer. (to get extras)

Russell, who was previously a collectible artist in the music world with releases changing hands at 20 times the price is finding his limited edition canvases going up quickly in price and becoming collectble and a limited edition photo/art/poem/lyric book 'Voyeurs Welcome' put out 2 years ago sold out in just a few weeks and now fetches up to 25 times it's original price. At some point Maikos painting will feature but for now this is the best place to come to get Russel's limited edition art canvases at the best price. Most are a limited editon of 5 (signed ) (10 Unsigned) unless otherwise stated. All artwork will be signed will get a signed authentication certificate as well.

Payment is prefered by bank transfer and anyone ordering that way will get an number of extra rare presents as well. Please email address at bottom of the page for details how to pay this way. However you do have the option to pay by Paypal (Which accepts credit cards) and a paypay link will by under the relevant artworks along with the price.If you are looking to buy three or more canvases it may be worth your while emailing us to get extra discount. (You will need to pay by direct bank transfrer in UK sterling to do this)
All canvases are a stylish 16 x 12. At the bottom of the page are a few stories about some of the works. Russell & Maiko are also big supporters of charity and a big slice of sales goes to help both homeless & childrens charities. See small selection of photos below. .

Left to right: Stargirl, Alien Artist, Maiko's Adventure & Alien Landscape (See drop down paypal menu below for prices)

Artist & Alien Canvases


Left to right: The Artist, Dreaming of Metropolis, Free From Chains, Retrograde in Blue & below Flowers of Romance

Artist & Alien Canvases

Above left to right: Misty Cello, Seashell Girl, Suffragette City, Pearl Of The Orient, Erotic Noir, Light Fantastic & I-Spy.

Artist & Alien Canvases

Above left to right: Back to Kissing, Maiko Goes Pop, Art at Sunrise, Shades of Erotica, Girls On Film, Stop Framming Me & Artist Angst

Artist and Alien Canvases

Above left to right: Sunset Assasin, Question Mark over Tokyo, Sleepy Heads & China Girl

Above left to right: The Kiss, Light refreshment, Guitar Star, Alien Expression & Erotic Rose

Artist and Alien Canvases

Insight into a few of the above works of art (If you didn't attend an exhibition featuring it)

Some of the highlights above are 'Misty Cello' Russell's most iconic photo (that influenced many others) plus photo artwork 'Stargilrl' that he did for his fellow Brixton brother & male Geisha David Bowie on the day he passed from this planet.(they used to share the same management and had a similiar outlook to all the arts) Also some 'Alien Art' that Russ pioneers and to show he doesn't just do people, 'The Pearl of the Orient' that was nominated for a Sony photography award. Some images sprung for pop promo photos and others from conceptual shoots. Two were done to mark the 100th Annivesary of the Suffragete in 2018. In many cases an envelope or two is pushed and often there are additional symbols and meanings in many of the works (Which is something not new to art) We wil be putting new work up each month so check back or ask to be on the mailing list. We will also take work down once it's sold out. Any questons just drop us an email at the address below.

This months new work is Something a bit different. Always one to push the boundaries. I teamed up with my Muse who is an Abstract Artist in her own right to do a painting. The deal was to create a number of different emotion in her over a short space of time to see what came out on the canvas. This was the result. (she considers it a collaboration) Like all our collaborations it has a slightly erotic edge to it. This one off original painting on canvas called 'Just Another High' is available to buy at a very reasonable price (especiall for a one off piece)

Just Another High Canvas

To tie in with the current solo photo-art exhibition by Russell there are a few additional Items available at a special low price deal for the whole of April only. All prices include P&P

Firstly, there is a limited edition book. 'Voyeurs Welcome Vol.2' (volume one sold out in 2 weeks and changes hands for up to 15 times it's original price). Only 50 copies to tie in with Space@50 exhibition. It features many of the images at the exhibition and plenty of others not at exhibition. It also features award winning poetry & song lyrics from many of his popular music releases. £20.00 (UK) £25 (outside UK)

Voyeurs Welcome Vol.2 LTD Edition Book

Secondly, there are 3 CD release. The latest CD album by his current cutting edge band 'Psykick Holiday' called Forever Pop Noir (this is also available as a download at itunes. £10
A CD-EP by his previous band Box Office Poison 'Alien /Teenage Sex' To tie in with his Alien Art. £5
A CD-EP featuring track by his Ex cult Pop Star wife 'Eleanor Rigby' (Love on the Phone/Play with Fire) doubled with another major talent 'Misty Woods )Wallpaper Man/Mod Boy.
Russell produced all and wrote most of the songs on all CDs (all are also available at Itunes as downloads as well). £5

Finally, Russell has many book releases out including 4 novels. The most popular 2 are 'Adventures of A Dark Duke; The Pin' which has 100% 5 star reviews at Amazon £5 and 'Kidnapping Time' (a popular time travel novel starring Marilyn Monroe) £10.