Our MD is Russell C. Brennan is a published author of the book about the music industry, Music Business Bastards (How to do well in the music business without getting ripped off).The original paperback version was put out by Martin Breezee Publishing in 1991 and sold out and a new updated paperback version was released in 2013 as well as an E-book version on kindle.The paperback has sold out a number of times now and may be hard to get. In between that in 2000 an interactive CD-ROM was released‘' All made a profit and a number of bands said it helped their careers.

Because he has exposed a few things in the music industy you may see the odd slur campaign written about Russell by supposed individuals but they clealy make no sense if you have read his book. But that is the nature of the internet people feel can write any old inaccuracy about someoneone and get away with it. At least Russell can back up all his facts. Get the book for full facts that are very helpfull for musicians which rip offs to avoid in the music industry and internet.

He produced European hit ‘You only live Twice’ by Eleanor Rigby which went on to feature on a number one hits album along with the likes of Fleetwood Mac, The Supremes and Dustry Springfield to name but a few.

Russell has featured in other influential bands like ‘Ministry of Ska’ and has a new pop noir style band 'Psykick Holiday' in developement.

He also established himself as a popular and stylish photographer with much work published and exhibitions offered. His photography ihas been asked to feature in a London exhibition by Beatpix called 'The most icon rock photography of the last six decades' He has styled many actors and pop singers and run his own very influential record label and music publishing company. In the recent past he also directed 8 highly rated pop videos.

He is now MD of Department -F with a number of finished scripts ready to go in all genres from horror to Sci fi to road movies to thrillers. However the first film will be a music business revenge drama 'Over and Over' (mentioned elsewhere on our site)

Because of his music business track records he is ideally suited to (a) bring realism to the subject matter of the film as both writer & director (b) make it look stylish because of his photographers’ eye and(c) put together a killer soundtrack to enhance the film. This will help sell it and make additional profits because of his experience and reputation as a record producer.

Department-F recently completed a documentary 'The Eleanor Rigby Story' and The Classic Cult Indie Album Show (Pilot). Both are at editing and post production stage and will be available to licence soon. So if you think these may be of interest to you please drop us a line. A previously release connected to this was 'Eleanor Rigby live and Rare', Which was released on Limited edition DVD.

Depatment-f currently have 5 Tv projects in development, from quiz to reality, to history but the most exciting one is 'TV 24' which will be the first trully cross platform show. It is an enviromental thriller set in the future but with a element of MadMen to it.


Numerous other individuals have contributed to helping Department-f and a name check and full biogs will appear shortly.