What sets December Books UK apart from most publishers is their innovative approach to many books they release including style, size, content & extras. In order to compete against the big publishing companies you need to have a creative edge because you don't have the big bucks to throw at releases. Also with many self-published authors virtually giving away their books we need to stand out from the crowd and give extra value for money. All our releases have many 5 star reviews so far, so readers are finding our output highly refreshing. The covers tend to stand out and not look generic and the titles often grab your attention.

Our non-fiction releases are often limited edition and they sell out and become collectible as in the case of 'Voyeurs Welcome' & 'The Definitive Eleanor Rigby Story' or we have an expert at the top of their field writing the relevant book. One has already been re released 3 times due to demand in the case of Music Business Bastards and 'Memories are made of This (The Ultimate Retro Pop Quiz) has hit the Amazon top 100 twice.
On the fiction front many writers seem to follow a formula of what has gone before. We are reminded of Blockbuster Video's heyday when many films had the same Rom-Com theme or drug dealer/cop type affairs and when '50 Shades' came it out spawned more than 50 copies of books and films. So, our mission is to put out different type stories that are often genre defying and are most definitely original and like nothing you will have read before but still addictive page turners.
With the contemporary novel 'Adventures Of a Dark Duke; The Pin' (based on a true story) the main characters doesn't know where the pin will take him so the readers definitely don't know what's around every corner as the stories ever changing landscape suggests along with the Russian Doll element that features stories within stories and the characters are amongst the most original and colourful you will read about. With 'Over and Over' you can tell the author knows his stuff and shows the dark side of the music industry that is often hidden. With 'Mixing with the Unknown' you get the hybrid genre of Horror meets Pulp Fiction' with enough twists to make your blood do the Tango. With 'Kidnapping Time' you get one of the most original novels out there as well as one of the sexiest and Marilyn Monroe as well.
It's no surprise that many of the books are getting film offers as one reviewer said all have an epic film quality about them. You can read a bit more in-depth about each book below and get links to special prices direct from us although all are also available on Amazon.


A Limited Edition of Voyeurs Welcome' Photo/Art/Lyric/Poem book by Multi Platform Artist Russell C. Brennan sold out within 2 weeks of it's release a year or two ago. (initial price £20) It has since gone on to become very collectible and if you look on Amazon & Ebay you can see it changing hands for between £150 and £250 each.
Volume two of the Photo/Art/Poem/Lyric book has just been release to tie in with Russell's solo photo-Art Exhibition in Mayfair London in April 2019. Like its predecesor it is limited edition (even more so as there are only 50 copies) Click HERE to learn more.

Exciting news: Author Russell C. Brennans three novels have all gotten film offers. To celebrate this we are doing a special deal. Buy the new novel 'Mixing with the Uknown' & 'Kidnapping Time' and get 'Adventures of a Dark Duke; The Pin' Totally FREE. (All have many 5 star reviews) Just drop us a line at the email address at foot of page to get this deal. Whats more you can ask to have them signed as well.

Although Russell C. Brennan is our main author we are are signing other authors and are pleased to announce we have recently signed Glenda Collins. She is cult singer from the 60's who was part of the infamous Joe Meek stable of artists. She even toured with The Beatles. She is writing her autobiography and it should be released around Winter 2019.

A limited edition book 'The Definitive Eleanor Rigby Story' sold out in two weeks over December 2018 and our most recent novel release the music business revenge thriller 'Over And Over' is being made into a feature film later this year. Details about the novel version below click HERE Photo above

2018 saw the release of horror novel by Russell C. Brennan Mixing with The Unknown It's traditional horror meets Pulp Fiction with new twists on horror and it also features his trademark erotic style as well. Link below to learn more about its contents. It's out on Paperback & E-book..

Mixing with the Unknown

Our big release last year by author & Multi Platform Artist 'Russell C. Brennan'. Originally done as a film scipt the novel version has been getting preview readers hot under the collar for quite a while now. It's called Kidnapping Time.It's an exciting erotic Sci-Fi conspiracy thriller
. Descendants of H.G. Wells & Leonardo Da Vinci build a Time Machine based on their famous ancestors' works. Rather than go through history eliminating evil dictators they decide they'd rather make love to the sexiest women in history instead.
However, they get more than they bargained for as they get caught up in some of the most famous conspiracies of the last 3,000 years from Cleopatra to Elizabeth 1st and beyond, with Marilyn Monroe, Bridget Bardot, Jane Fonda, Princess Diana, The Kennedys and many more household names front and centre of some very interesting storylines. It also features a very poignant love story between Marilyn & Frank Sinatra as a core story.
The novel features lots of thrills and twists plus the author's trade mark tasteful ultra-erotic element. Although not a comedy story it has more funny moments in just one chapter than most comedy feature films, such as when Marilyn is kidnapped through time to this Century and even struggles to get a job as an M.M look-alike! The book is full of water-cooler moments that will leave you on a high with a smile on your face.
If you are already a fan of any of the characters mentioned you will love this book but always remember this is Science Fiction and although some things may seem familiar they are not always as they seem. History will never be the same again!

We are doing a special price deal at 25% cheaper than Amazon Inc P&P. You can pay by the paypal button below to get the paperback (also you can ask to have it signed by the author as well if you wish (just tell us by email that you have purchased the book and want it signed) The kindle version is availble directly from Amazon, Kobo, Apple and many other online book outlets.

Kidnapping Time Novel (inc P&P)

MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS (the Ultimate Retro Pop Quiz) by Russell C. Brennan

Over Xmas 2017 & 2018 this release hit the Amazon top 100 chart twice proving a very popular quiz book.More details below.

When it comes to retro pop quizzes featuring the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's & 90's this has something for everyone as well as having something extra about it. There are easy and hard questions and many in between but the slant of this book is for you to also learn some little known pop trivia gems and fascinating facts that will impress your friends long after you have played the quiz. For instance, did you know legendary actor Clint Eastwood had a number one hit single in the UK? You to could win yourself £100 into the bargain The author of this book Russell C. Brennan has been a mad record collector since the age of 4, and over the years has absorbed pop trivia like most people absorb air. He also started as a DJ at the tender age of 15 going on to be one of the top international DJs by the age of 18.. He then actually married a pop singer and wrote and produced songs for her (full details in his biog at the back of the book) and he also started many music trends whilst producing acts and having over 300 releases as a record producer. He has featured in a few bands himself and written a popular book called Music Business Bastards (How to do well in the music Business without getting ripped off). He also managed a popular record shop where its key to success was his knowledge. But his pop trivia expertise knows no bounds as he even won a big PRS music industry Pop Quiz against industry experts which was all the more impressive as his two team mates didn't turn up for the final and he was one against a team of three and still won.

This book is now exclusive to KDP via Amazon please visit the page Here to get the Paperback or Kindle of the book.


Music Business Bastards (How to do well in the music business without getting ripped off) has been released successfully 3 times and practicing what the book preached it stood out from the crowd. Many famous pop stars recommended the book and it helped many new ones. The first edition released in the 90's now changes hands for up to £100. The most recent updated version for the internet generation is a must own for anyone serious about making it in the music business. There is also a new shark out there to be wary of which is discussed in this very informative book.. The books cover and cartoons were doe by Bafta winner Stan Hayward.

Link to get Music Business Bastards (How to do well in the music business without getting ripped off)


Voyeurs Welcome was our first limited edition release. Unusually for a photo book it was on quality paperback rather than hardback. It was also much more than a photo book as it featured award winning poems and song lyrics by the photographer and author Russell. It sold out in just two weeks at the full price of £20 each and now changes hands for between £100 & £300 each. Russell has had over 50 songs released, many of his photos were considered iconic and he was often likened to David Bailey. He went on to pioneer 'Alien Art' and embrace the new media of photo-art. He was signed by Saatchi Art and his canvas have started selling well and going up quickly in price and he has his first solo art exhibition in Mayfair London in April 2019. Another limited edition book may accompany the exhibition.


. Many people will say it's hard to write an original story but when you have writer who has often lived the life, that experience is bound to be unique, therefore ticking that box, making it like no other book you have read before.That's what you get with 'Adventures of a Dark Duke{ The Pin A comptempory Adventure story. visit link below for more details.
Adventures of a Dark Duke:The Pin


We said at the outset we aim to be more innovative and do different and unusual things with our book releases and here are just a few things we have done. Given people a chance of co write a song with the author, Get a photography lesson or have your photo taken by a top photographer. Winning cash prizes for quiz questions. Doing new stylish fonts in books. Going back to slim line novels that fit in your pocket. Recording a music single to go with the titles of many of the book releases and giving it away as an extra and much more. if you want to enjoy the ride with us. please ask to be put on our mailing list to be informed about releases and free extras.

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