Chapter One: 360 - The new type of record deal striking fear in all artists (why and whatís it all about).


Chapter Two: The EX-Factor - If you want to go down this route there are few things you should know to avoid being an ex-Artist in double quick time.


Chapter Three: Video Killed the Radio Star. The Internet Killed the Popstar - How you are being ripped off by your own exposure.


Chapter Four: Does It Pay To Be Social? - The ins and outs of social networks and your act.

All that glitters is definite not gold.


Chapter Five: How to Form a Band and Not Waste Time - It might sound simple but reality can be very different and you canít afford to waste time these days.


Chapter Six: Managers - Nearly as hard to get as a record deal but you definitely donít want a bad one.


Chapter Seven: Names and Images - You still need to stand out from the crowd to beat the competition.


Chapter Eight: How to Copyright Your Work and Finance Yourself - Knowledge and money, thatís partly what itís all about.


Chapter Nine: How to Get Gigs - Live work can be crucial to your success.


Chapter Ten: Song Writing - They say itís where the moneyís at. Itís definitely the difference between the big time and obscurity.


Chapter Eleven: Publishing - Definitely where the money is located.


Chapter Twelve: Record Deals - The ins and outs and you donít want to be out and broke.


Chapter Thirteen: Promo Videos : A key battleground for todayís YouTube generation.

How to make a zero budget video to compete with the major labels


Chapter Fourteen: The Media - Know your friend and enemy, it can be your oxygen.


Chapter Fifteen: Indie Label - Youíd be surprised who are on indie labels and you could do much better with an indie than you can a major a lot of the time.


Chapter Sixteen: Do It Yourself - easier than you think to do your own label or put out your own releases.


Chapter Seventeen: The Internet:. As ĎPublic Enemyí would say, ďDonít believe the hypeĒ.


Chapter Eighteen: Drugs and Music - Do they mix?


Chapter Nineteen: The Main Pitfalls in the Music Industry - The title says it all.


Chapter Twenty: Conclusions - Itís going to be tough out there, find out why.


Chapter Twenty-One: Back to Basics - A surprising alternative future for music artists.


Chapter Twenty-Two: The Demise of the Music Industry - How the music industry got in such dire straits.


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