Welcome to Department F. We are a film and TV company based in London UK.

Fed up of seeing the same old film type stories and genres coming out? Our mission is to make entertaining and thoughtfull films with very interesting stories that will grip the viewer and stick in their minds long after they view them. All films will be comercially viable because we want to continue to make more films and this is apparent in everything we do.

We have four films slated at present. The first, 'Over and Over', is a music business revenge film that shows the dark side of the music industry. It will be done in a film noir style and will be totally different to the many fluffy 'Cinderella' type stories previously done by film-makers about the music industry or to boringly go down the comedy route. This has just been released as a novel and can be found at Amazon

This film will be followed up by a horror film 'Mixing With The Unknown' that is also different as it marries traditional horror with 'Pulp Fiction'but with new twists. This to has recently been released as a novel. We also have an unusual and very original road movie. Finally when funds allow, a big budget erotic, Sci-Fi conspiracy thriller that should be our masterpiece that has already had offers from major film companies.

Department F also have a number of exciting TV projects and music releases are also on the agenda. We also have one documentary/TV Pilot 'The Classic Cult Indie Album Show' :Featuring 'The Censorship' album. another documentary 'The Eleanor Rigby Story'. Both sold out on limited edition DVD in under 1 month. We are in the process of getting a final edit for it for TV purposes. We welcome any enquiries regarding licensing either of the releases. Our debut release was the limited edition DVD 'Eleanor Rigby Live and Rare'which sold out in just one week.


We are developing the first truly cross media TV series 'TV24', an eviromental thiller set in the future and are currently building a team together to do the pilot.

Also currently underway are 4 TV shows from quiz shows to reality shows to music shows and a history show. However all have big twists and new slants to them.

We welcome anyone who wants to come along for the ride, be that investors who want to get in on something creative, make money and have a unique experience . Talents are also welcome to contact us (both in front of and behind the camera). Feel free to email us your details if you're interested. The only thing we are not looking for is script writers as we already have many quality scripts in addition to those already mentioned.

Department-f have also added December Books to its activities. For more information about these releases and the current hot seller on December Books go to link at bottom of the page. So far the following books have been released 'Music Business Bastards (How to do well in the Music Business without getting ripped off)
'Voyeurs Welcome' The photos and lyrics of Russell C. Brennan, a limited editon individually numbered quality book sold out within just two weeks. It is currently changing hands on the collectors market for between £100 -£300 each (It originally sold for £20) . A novel 'Adventures of a Dark Duke: The Pin'.was released to rave reviews (see further down the page) we have already had 2 film offers on the book for it to become a feature film. .

Another release from December books by The prolific Russell C. Brennan was 'Memories are Made Of This'(The Ultimate Retro Pop Quiz) 50's, 60's 70's, 80's & 90's. hit the Amazon top 100 on 2 occasions. The long awaited masterpiece by author & Multi Platform Artist 'Russell, originally done as a film script the novel version has been getting preview readers hot under the collar for quite a while now. It's called Kidnapping Time.It's an exciting erotic Sci-Fi conspiracy thriller
. Descendants of H.G. Wells & Leonardo Da Vinci build a Time Machine based on their famous ancestors' works. Rather than go through history eliminating evil dictators they decide they'd rather make love to the sexiest women in history instead.
However, they get more than they bargained for as they get caught up in some of the most famous conspiracies of the last 3,000 years from Cleopatra to Elizabeth 1st and beyond, with Marilyn Monroe, Bridget Bardot, Jane Fonda, Princess Diana, The Kennedys and many more household names front and centre of some very interesting storylines. It also features a very poignant love story between Marilyn & Frank Sinatra as a core story.
The novel features lots of thrills and twists plus the author's trade mark tasteful ultra-erotic element. Although not a comedy story it has more funny moments in just one chapter than most comedy feature films, such as when Marilyn is kidnapped through time to this Century and even struggles to get a job as an M.M look-alike! The book is full of water-cooler moments that will leave you on a high with a smile on your face.
If you are already a fan of any of the characters mentioned you will love this book but always remember this is Science Fiction and although some things may seem familiar they are not always as they seem. History will never be the same again!

We are doing a special price deal on this release 25% cheaper than Amazon Inc P&P. You can pay by the paypal button below to get the paperback (also you can ask to have it signed by the author as well if you wish (just tell us by email that you have purchased the book and want it signed) The kindle version is availble directly from Amazon & Kobo.

Kidnapping Time Novel (inc P&P)


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