Department-f Flims

Welcome to Department-F. We started life as a film company but have added many more strings to our bow and cross over all the arts now from books to art to music and each company has it's own identity. We also represent Multi- Platform artist Russell C. Brennan.
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December Books UK: Features both fiction and non fiction. Many novels have many five star reviews and have very original story lines. The non fiction titles often feature leading experts or award winners.

Artist and Alien Artwork: This features many limited edition photo artworks & iconic images on limited edition canvases by Multi-platform Artist Russell C. Brennan. Many are very collectible.

Future Legend Records: Is an influential indie record label who has just celebrated it's 25th anniversary. The have pioneered new music genres and set music trends. They have a great back catalogue and some exciting new releases this year.

Department -F: Indie film company about to make its first feature film with a slate of interesting films to follow. So far they have just done a few limited edition documentaries that both sold out on DVD within a few weeks. The also recently put together a music video album that is about to get it's TV debut.

Russell C. Brennan: Established multi-platform artist and cult figure who is a pioneer and made a dent in all the arts. All you need to know about him is here.

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